Castles: Miniature Sheet Stamps

These Royal Mail stamps were affixed to specially designed envelopes and postmarked on the first day that the stamps were issued.

22.03.2005 | HM The Queen - Set of 4, Postmarked at Windsor

BUY NOW   £65 Castles: Miniature Sheet, HM The Queen - Set of 4 Castles: Miniature Sheet, HM The Queen - Set of 4
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50p Carrickfergus Castle
50p Windsor Castle
£1 Caernarfon Castle
£1 Edinburgh Castle
Limited Edition: 100 copies Worldwide.
Notes: Set of four covers each with complete miniature sheet and relevant postmarks from Windsor, Edinburgh, Caernarfon and Carrickfergus)
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Miniature Sheet
Presentation Pack (D69)
PHQCards (D28)
Postmark illustrations

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