Postal Union Congress Stamps

These Post Office stamps were affixed to specially designed envelopes and postmarked on the first day that the stamps were issued.

10.05.1929 | Postal Union Congress postmark, Postmarked at London

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Stamp Type:
Stamp Details:
1/2d, 1d, 1 1/2d, 2 1/2d King George V
£1 St. George and the Dragon
London, Postal Union Congress, CDS Postmark
Notes: This cover is marked as 'Identified as a Forgery' on the reverse.
Had the postmark been genuine, this first day cover would have been worth in the region of £7500. This item would make an extremely good 'space-filler', for those collectors who could never afford that sort of money - and that's assuming they could find a copy of it in the first place, let alone in such good condition and with the Postal Union Congress postmark. These postmarks are so crisp compared to others, that my personal view is that in this case, the postmarks are genuine hence the price.
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