D-Day Landings 60th Anniversary Stamps

06.06.2019 | Operation Overlord, Postmarked at Douglas

BUY NOW   £24.75 D-Day Landings 60th Anniversary, Operation Overlord D-Day Landings 60th Anniversary, Operation Overlord
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6th June 2019 - D-Day Landings 60th Anniversary
Producer/Series:   ( Anniv and Events No 24 )
Douglas, 60th Anniversary of D-Day, Special Handstamp
Notes: Superb covers postmarked on both the 60th and 75th D-Day anniversaries. This cover bears a pair of Isle of Man D-Day stamps (designs of which may vary to those shown) issued in 2004 with a Douglas postmark of that date. To these covers I have added the Winston Churchill stamp issued in 2014 (part of the Prime Ministers stamp issue) - This stamp will be cancelled with a special D-Day postamark on 6th June 2019 - the 75th anniversary of D-Day - A great cover - only the best from BFDC Ltd!
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