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The numbers alongside each postmark refer to the catalogue entries in the latest edition of ‘Collecting British First Day Covers’ which can be purchased from this website.

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11th Jan Farm Animals
8th Feb South West England
24th Feb Jane Eyre
15th Mar Magic!
21st Apr World Heritage Sites
7th Jun Trooping the Colour
19th Jul Motorcycles
23rd Aug Changing Tastes of Britain
15th Sep Classic ITV
4th Oct Smilers Small Format
18th Oct Trafalgar
1st Nov Christmas 2005
Miniature Sheets
24th Feb Jane Eyre
22nd Mar Castles
8th Apr Royal Wedding
7th Jun Trooping the Colour
5th Jul End of the War
5th Aug London 2012
6th Oct Cricket
18th Oct Trafalgar
1st Nov Christmas 2005
Prestige Stamp Books
24th Feb Jane Eyre
24th Feb Brontes - Pane 1
24th Feb Brontes - Pane 2
24th Feb Brontes - Pane 3
24th Feb Brontes - Pane 4
18th Oct Trafalgar
18th Oct Trafalgar - Pane 1
18th Oct Trafalgar - Pane 2
18th Oct Trafalgar - Pane 3
18th Oct Trafalgar - Pane 4
Generic Sheets
11th Jan Farm Animals
15th Mar Magic!
15th Sep Classic ITV
1st Nov Christmas

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