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The numbers alongside each postmark refer to the catalogue entries in the latest edition of ‘Collecting British First Day Covers’ which can be purchased from this website.

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13th Jan Design Classics
12th Feb Charles Darwin
10th Mar Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution
21st Apr The Tudors
19th May Plants
16th Jun Mythical Creatures
1st Sep Fire and Rescue
17th Sep Navy Uniforms
8th Oct Eminent Britons
22nd Oct Olympic Games
3rd Nov Christmas 2009
Miniature Sheets
22nd Jan Robert Burns
12th Feb Charles Darwin
26th Feb Celebrating Wales
21st Apr The Tudors
19th May Plants
18th Aug Post Boxes
3rd Nov Christmas 2009
Definitives - Elizabeth II
17th Feb Security Features
17th Feb Low Values Security Features (EP)
17th Feb High Values Security Features (EP)
31st Mar 17p, 22p, 62p, 90p (EP)
17th Nov Recorded Signed For (EP)
Regionals & Country Pictorials
31st Mar England 56p, 90p
31st Mar Northern Ireland 56p, 90p
31st Mar Scotland 56p, 90p
31st Mar Wales 56p, 90p
31st Mar Country Pictorials 2009

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