Magical Realms Stamps

These Royal Mail stamps were affixed to specially designed envelopes and postmarked on the first day that the stamps were issued.

08.03.2011 | Witch on Broom, Postmarked at Tallents House

BUY NOW   £20 Magical Realms, Witch on Broom Magical Realms, Witch on Broom
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8th March 2011 - Magical Realms
Stamp Type:
Stamp Details:
1st Rincewind ...      ▼ expand stamp details
1st Nanny Ogg
1st Dumbledore
1st Lord Voldemort
60p Merlin
60p Morgan le Fay
97p Aslan
97p The White Witch
Producer/Series:   ( BS No 1098 )
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