Long to Reign Over Us: Miniature Sheet Stamps

Commemorative stamp cards (A4 in size) are printed digitally on high quality card and look stunning. Each has a stamp (from a new set) franked with a special Royal Mail postmark. They fit into the ‘Smilers’ albums and are also printed on the reverse with lots of information about the issue. Just so there is no misunderstanding, there is only one actual stamp affixed, the rest are printed on one or two sides.

09.09.2015 | The Queen's Stamps, Postmarked at Queen Elizabeth Court

BUY NOW   £25 Long to Reign Over Us: Miniature Sheet, The Queen's Stamps Long to Reign Over Us: Miniature Sheet, The Queen's Stamps
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Stamp Details:
1st Queen Victoria City Medal ...      ▼ expand stamp details
1st Queen Elizabeth Wilding Portrait
1st Machin new mauve colour
£1.52 The Windsor Crest
£1.52 Queen's Personal Emblem
Limited Edition: 250 copies Worldwide.
Notes: This Royal Mail new mauve definitive stamp commemorates the historic landmark of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest reigning UK monarch, with Queen Victoria’s reign of 63 years and 216 days being exceeded by The Queen on 9th September 2015. Digitally printed on high quality card, these look stunning in real life! Each card is A4 in size and will fit into my Stamp Sheet albums. The cards are printed on both sides with lots of information, historic background and images. Each card bears a postage stamp franked with a relevant Royal Mail postmark.
Please note that the only actual stamp on the card is the one postmarked at the top of the front surrounded by a border. Other stamps appearing on the front and/or reverse are printed on the card.
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