Brilliant Bugs Stamps

These new Royal Mail stamps will be affixed to specially designed envelopes and then postmarked on the first day of issue.

To be issued on 01.10.2020 | Country Diary Double Dated, Postmarked at Bugford

PRE-ORDER   £20 Brilliant Bugs, Country Diary Double Dated Brilliant Bugs, Country Diary Double Dated
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1st October 2020 - Brilliant Bugs - Now available for pre-order.
Stamp Type:
Stamp Details:
1st Common Carder Bee ...      ▼ expand stamp details
1st Painted Lady Butterfly
£1.45 Longhorn Beetle
£1.45 Elephant Hawk-moth
£1.70 Marmalade Hoverfly
£1.70 Ruby-tailed Wasp
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Postmark illustrations
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