Puss In Boots Stamps

01.12.2020 | Pantomime Stamped Print, Postmarked at London

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1st December 2020 - Puss In Boots
London, Christmas wreath, Special Handstamp
Notes: This exquisite item is from a Pantomine book published by theatre management company Howard & Wyndham. Famous for their Pantomime productions, they were founded in Glasgow in 1895 and became the largest of its type in Britain. The company continued well into the 20th century; its theatres being eventually sold in the 1960s. The prints are approximately A5 in size, i.e. approx 200mm x 130mm. I used the images on a special stamp sheet which I designed in 2008 (see stock code 27478). Each print has a stamp label with similar design and 1st Class 'robin in pillar box' postage stamp. These have then been franked with a special London postmark on 1st December 2020. THESE ARE ORIGINAL PRINTS not reproductions ONLY ONE OF EACH AVAILABLE!
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