Selling and valuing your collection

The following notes might be of use if you are considering selling your collection or wish to estimate its value for insurance purposes.

  • To value your collection of British first day covers the following is a must buy:

    'Collecting British First Day Covers': This catalogue has been published every year since 1980 and is now regarded as the collectors' bible.  It will give you a good idea of what your collection is worth. It only deals with British first day covers. This catalogue is available from this website - click on the link above. This publication will help you to determine the difference between very common covers and those which could be worth £100 or more.
  • If your covers are in pristine condition and bear UK stamps and are pre 1975, I MIGHT be interesting in purchasing. 
  • If the envelopes are inscribed GPO or ROYAL MAIL, I would NOT be interested, as these were produced in very large numbers and are usually worth very little.