About The Company

The BFDC brand covers four main areas of British stamp collecting:

  1. First Day Covers
  2. Smilers Stamp Sheets
  3. 'Stamp Organiser' computer program
  4. 'Collecting British First Day Covers' catalogue 

The original company, trading as A G Bradbury, was estabalished in March 1980. With the development of the world wide web, the company identity changed to BFDC (British First Day Covers).  This later changed to BFDC Ltd in June 2009.

Back in 1980 I started the company because of my passion for collecting first day covers (FDCs) as a hobby. Since then I have produced limited edition first day covers for most British stamp issues and I also design many of the special postmarks. Each year I compile, design and edit the catalogue 'Collecting British First Day Covers'. Since 2005 I have designed a number of special stamp sheets (Smilers Sheets).  In 2004 work started on the Stamp Organiser, which after many trials and tribulations, was released in 2007.

I have always prided myself on providing a fast and reliable service to my customers with a quality product at an affordable price. Since launching my original website in 2001 I have received numerous comments about my service, the product and the site - click here to view just a few of these.

I also aim to keep collectors fully informed of all the latest developments in the world of British first day covers - either via this website or through my free monthly BFDC Newsletter.

This website has been developed not only to provide a wonderful market place for first day covers and stamp sheets etc, but also as a valuable visual resource for anyone interested in the hobby.

I aim to keep the site regularly updated with new stock and weekly discounts. To assist my overseas customers prices can be viewed in US dollars or Euros. I would like to assure you that shopping on this site is both safe and secure with all transactions being conducted through WorldPay. Any suggestions or comments are warmly welcomed and can be emailed to brad@bfdc.co.uk