Historic Rail Covers Part 4 (Collection Offer)

These seven lovely railway covers include the famous Flying Scotsman with set of 4 railway stamps issued in 1975; The Royal Railway Carriage of 1844 plus set of 5 Age of Steam stamps; Classic Locomotives set and miniature sheet from 2004; Mallard’s Speed Record issued 1988 (silk cover); The infamous Great Train Robbery of 1963; and the Firefly Project with set of 5 Famous Trains stamps from 1985 Full retail is £435 - A MASSIVE SAVING OF £340 Y0URS FOR ONLY £95! ONLY 12 SETS AVAILABLE
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Collection Offer

Historic Rail Covers Part 4

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Famous Trains
The Firefly Project
6626 Famous Trains, The Firefly Project
Mallard by David Weston
1157 Transport, Mallard by David Weston
The Age of Steam
The Royal Carriage
1825 (82) The Age of Steam, The Royal Carriage
Flying Scotsman
Inaugural Run of Flying Scotsman
2431 Flying Scotsman, Inaugural Run of Flying Scotsman
Classic Locomotives
Classic Trains in Action
8406 (36) Classic Locomotives, Classic Trains in Action
Classic Locomotives: Miniature Sheet
Full Steam Ahead
8408 (39) Classic Locomotives: Miniature Sheet, Full Steam Ahead
The Great Train Robbery
50th Anniversary
39259 (244) The Great Train Robbery, 50th Anniversary
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